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Corporate Profile

China Finance Online – the Only US-listed Chinese Online Financial Information/Service Company

Established in 1999 and going public on October 15, 2004 (NASDAQ: JRJC), China Finance Online Co., Ltd is the only Chinese web-based financial information/service company listed in a major US exchange. China Finance Online Co. Limited is a technology-driven, user-focused market leader in China in providing vertically integrated financial information and services including news, data, analytics, securities investment advisory and brokerage-related services. Through its flagship portal sites, www.jrj.com and www.stockstar.com, the Company offers basic software and information services to individual investors which integrate financial and listed-company data, information and analytics from multiple sources. Leveraging on its robust internet capabilities and registered user base, China Finance Online is developing securities investment advisory and over time wealth management services. Through its subsidiary, Genius, the Company provides financial database and analytics to institutional customers including domestic brokerages and investment firms. Through its subsidiary, Daily Growth, the Company provides securities brokerage services in Hong Kong.


jrj.com – China's Leading Finance Portal

Founded by a group of VC investors including IDG and VERTEX in 1999, www.jrj.com is the leading provider of financial data and information in China, and a leading Chinese finance portal in the world.

www.jrj.com focuses on sharing the achievement of China's economic development with its users through high quality services. It provides 24x7 real-time, professional, comprehensive and valuable global financial information, covering stock, bond and fund quotation, listed companies' data, wealth management information, and financial derivatives. The website also offers download services for the Company's analytical software products. Stock forum, online bbs, salon, and blogs on www.jrj.com also provide friendly interactive platform that brings users close to the Company's services and to each other.


stockstar.com – the First Internet Finance Portal in China

Founded in 1996, stockstar.com was the first stock market focused website in China. It is also one of the largest mobile financial information/service provider and a leading financial internet media in China.

In 2000, stockstar.com became the first internet company to receive ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. www.stockstar.com ranked No 1 in many nationwide industry survey over the past years, and also received the "Best Securities Website in China" award 6 years in a row. It is one of the most visited finance website in China with the largest registered user base. Stockstar.com is the first finance information company to introduce the "financial planning and wealth management" concept in China with its open, innovative, and trustworthy win-win solutions.

Stockstar.com's core products offer customers professional, real-time, comprehensive financial information, analytics, and investment tools through a multi-dimensional platform, including PC, web, SMS, mobile WAP. Stockstar.com's industry leading product development and customer service teams ensure the quality of the products and seamless delivery of the services. Stockstar.com believes "Financial Planning Makes Investors Wealthier, Technologies Give Investors More Freedom."


Shenzhen Genius - the First Professional Financial Database Provider in China

Shenzhen Genius Information Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994. It was the first professional financial database provider in China. In 2006, it became a fully-owned subsidiary of China Finance Online Co., Ltd.

Genius develops financial database and data terminal products for financial institutions and research academics based on cutting-edge design concepts, with the support of strategic partnership with well-known universities, government agencies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, and other third-party vendors.

Since the first database product for institutional investors was launched in 1995, Genius has provided professional, seamless and efficient database to hundreds of securities firms, mutual-fund companies, banks, insurance companies, research institutions and government agencies. Genius has built high-quality, diligent, innovative professional R&D and management teams, with key members having extensive experience in database, investment, and operations.

Focusing on "continuous self-improvement", Genius will continue to drive the development of China's financial database industry, to establish industry standard, and to build the most powerful brand in China's financial database industry.


Rifa Finance is our platform for developing financial services outside mainland China.

Rifa Finance has obtained Hong Kong SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) licenses to engage in securities brokerage and futures brokerage services. In addition to Hong Kong market, Rifa Finance will also focus on securities and futures contract trading on overseas securities and futures exchanges so as to provide global trading and investment solutions to our clients.

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